Aloe 24/7 Aloe Drink

Aloe is recognised in many parts of the world to have the same effect internally, as when aloe gel is used on the skin to soothe burns and irritations.


Aloe has been known for many years to relieve symptoms of digestive tract ailments such as indigestion, heart burn, stomach ulcers, irritable bowl syndrome, colitis etc.


The thick, syrup-like drink coats the lining of the digestive tract, giving the active ingredients in the aloe the opportunity to soothe irritated areas and help the body back to its normal, healthy state.

Aloe is being used in many countries to treat a vast array of illnesses and diseases, as well as to assist in areas like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

By drinking a small glass of aloe once or twice a day, the natural sugars help to ensure efficient cell-to-cell communication in the body, a function which is vital to good health and well-being.


Aloe 24/7 is made from wild-grown, organic aloe ferox plants, harvested in the Little Karoo region of South Africa.


It contains many naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium, as well as dietary fibre and highly-acclaimed natural sugars (Glyconutrients). It is also a great every-day nutritional supplement to help build the immune system and assist in improving general body function.

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