Aloe Source


the aloe plant


The Aloe ferox used in Totally Wild’s products is sourced from the Little Karoo region of South Africa. In this predominantly animal farming area, vast expanses of land are literally covered in aloe plants, growing wild in their natural habitat.


sustainable aloe products


Totally Wild has entered into a supply agreement with one of the farmers, and a pre-processing facility has been established on his property. Once the Aloe ferox leaves have been harvested in the fields, and drained of their bitter sap, they are brought to this facility where they are washed, peeled and prepared for transport to Cape Town. The harvesting and preparation of the aloe plant offers employment to a number of members of the local community who were previously unemployed. Training is provided for the staff on both harvesting and factory preparation. Close communication with Cape Nature Conservation ensures that the Aloe ferox is harvested in a sustainable manner and records are kept of which areas have been harvested and dates when they can be utilised again (usually a year later). If you have any questions about the sustainability of our aloe products and processes, please don\’t hesitate to contact us.