where the health foods journey began…


Totally Wild was borne out of Barbara Kleinschmidt’s keen interest and dedication to aloe over the last two decades. Having been involved in the aloe and health & wellness industry since the early 1990’s, mostly with aloe skincare products, Barbara had taken part in several international trade shows as part of National Pavilions sponsored by the Department of Trade & Industry. It was while exhibiting in Tokyo in 2001 that she discovered aloe food and juice products on sale in their supermarkets.


Once back in South Africa she gradually started developing a small range of aloe-based jams, pickles and relishes, two of which were eventually finalists in the Food Review New Product Competition in 2007 which acknowledges the finest products and health foods in South Africa.


aloe juice benefits


At that stage, there were several “aloe health drinks” on the South African market – thick, unpleasant tasting drinks which were marketed as soothing and healing, semi-medicinal products.


It has been generally acknowledged, worldwide, for many years, that aloe has remarkable medicinal benefits. But until fairly recently, aloe was only known for its topical use in the health and wellness industry, mainly to soothe and heal burns, cuts and abrasions. But if taken internally, plain aloe soothes and heals ailments of the digestive tract in exactly the same way as it heals the skin.


a health and wellness partnership


The time was right to develop a small range of natural aloe juices, without any added sweeteners, sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives. The idea was to create a juice that was appealing to the consumer, but at the same time provided the numerous health and wellness benefits of the Aloe ferox.


It was at this point that Barbara went into partnership with Nic Janik who, although having his background in Information Technology, finished an Information Systems Honours degree and had been running a software development company for a few years, the prospect of sinking his teeth into something completely different seemed both challenging and exciting. Nic was able to draw on his experience of being from a family that had been highly successful in the food manufacturing business for many years. It almost seemed inevitable that he would also one day venture into this field. With the investment of the family into the business this new partnership was born.


our health foods range


A manufacturing facility was set up in Retreat, Cape Town, and a small staff was employed to manufacture the aloe jams, pickles and relishes. At the same time, development of the juices commenced, which would prove to be a much longer and more complex exercise than anticipated! Unfortunately this range was discontinued in 2012.


By making use of a contract-manufacturer, the plain Cape Aloe Drink was the first product to be introduced into the market in 2008.


At trade shows in Europe, particularly, many requests had been received over the years, for aloe and fruit juice blends, so it was a natural progression for these to be the next products on Totally Wild’s development programme. The first two of these were introduced in February 2009. As part of Totally Wild’s continuous effort to provide the highest quality health foods to the consumer, the juices were reformulated and repackaged, with an addition of a new Baobab flavour to the range. In 2016 two new exciting flavours have been added to the range – Aloe, Peach & Honeybush and Aloe, Cranberry and Rooibos. Both new variants have been developed with the inclusion of indigenous ingredients like Rooibos and Honeybush which have many amazing health properties and are also proudly South African.


After much product development, in 2012 the Aloe 24/7 Aloe Drink was launched onto the market. Aloe 24/7 is an Organic Aloe Drink made from wild grown aloe ferox plants.  The product is great every-day nutritional supplement to help boost the immune system and assist in improving general body function. It has been known to relieve symptoms of digestive tract ailments such as indigestion, heart burn, stomach ulcers, irritable bowl syndrome,  diverticulitis, colitis and many others. It is one of the only products its category in South Africa that is Organic and preservative free.


Totally Wild’s new venture into the skincare industry


It was a natural progression for Totally Wild to develop an Aloe Gel and this came to fruition in early 2016. Under the Aloe 24/7 brand our Aloe Gel is an amazing and unique combination of Aloe, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Rooibos Tea, Rosemary Oil, Cape Chamomile and Lemongrass Oil. The product is moisturising, regenerating, soothing, anti-inflamatory, anti-allergic properties and is also effective for skin irritations, burns, sun burns and skin orders such psoriasis and eczema.


Future Developments


Totally Wild continues to research and develop new products of which there some exciting new lines and line extensions in the pipeline.