Look Who’s Joined the Family – Totally Wild Launches Aloe 24/7 Organic Aloe Gel

For many years we have always explained the beneficial properties of our Aloe 24/7 Aloe Drink by using the example of how aloe gel applied to burned or irritated skin helps to soothe and heal the burn, when the aloe drink is consumed, it soothes and heals in the same way as it passes down the digestive tract.

organic aloe gelWell, it was inevitable that we would eventually launch our own Aloe Gel onto the market and here it is!  Our Aloe 24/7 Aloe Gel has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and anti-fungal properties and has also proven to be effective in the treatment of fungal skin problems such as athlete’s foot. It is great for insect bites, dry and itchy/flaky skin, burns as well other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


It is a natural product, certified organic by Ecocert France.  The ingredients have been carefully selected and include 55% pure aloe gel, together with some of South Africa’s other natural treasures such as Kalahari Melon Seed Oil (to protect the skin from moisture loss), Cape Chamomile (soothing), Rooibos extract (soothing and healing), as well as Aloe Ferox bitter sap which has anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.  Rosemary Oil, Sunflower Oil and Lemongrass Oil combine with the indigenous raw materials to ensure that damaged skin cells are repaired and strengthened and the skin is well-nourished.


In its short existence we have already had numerous testimonials from people who have used the gel.


  • “My partner thinks this is the BEST aloe gel he has ever tried…and wants a year’s supply!!!” – Carla
  • “We used it on everything! Mosquito bites, scrapes, scratches, blisters, sunburn, chaffed arms and legs… It’s a wonderful product and we’d love to get more.” – Lizanne
  • “Five minutes after using your aloe gel, the itching stopped – thank you!” – Anne
  • “Worked well on eczema on the face, not interfering or reacting with other makeup. Easily absorbed – a gentle healer.” – Gillian
  • “It’s amazingI got so sunburnt on my chest and shoulders.. I am totally blown away. I gave some to my daughter to use for her eczema too, it really works!!” – Lesley
  • “I think this is an amazing product for skin conditions and will certainly make sure that I have a tube handy at all times” – Grazyna
  • “I must tell you that I had rather a nasty burn on my arm and the aloe gel really healed it quickly and beautifully.” – Anne


Have a look at our testimonials section if you would like to see more testimonials or to see further detail on the above. All testimonials are supported with full names and contact details on request.




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