Aloe Gel Testimonials


My partner thinks this is the BEST aloe gel he has ever tried…and wants a year’s supply!!! – Carla


We used it on everything! Mosquito bites, scrapes, scratches, blisters, sunburn, chaffed arms and legs… It’s a wonderful product and we’d love to get more!


Five minutes after using your aloe gel, the itching stopped – thank you! – Anne


Worked well on eczema on the face, not interfering or reacting with other makeup. Easily absorbed – a gentle healer. – Gillian


It’s amazingI got so sunburnt on my chest and shoulders.. I am totally blown away. I gave some to my daughter to use for her eczema too, it really works!! – Lesley


I used it after a cat scratch … infection and seems to have healed well. Feels & smells nice …too !! – Natalie Majewski


Grazyna’s testimonial on Aloe 24/7 Gel’s amazing regenerative properties


Testimonial on dry itchy skin  – Janine Overmeyer


I must tell you that I had rather a nasty burn on my arm and the aloe gel really healed it quickly and beautifully. – Anne


Your Aloe gel that you gave to me is wonderful…. Cannot believe the difference it has made to my skin…. You have a winner in that product…….. – Jane