About Us

Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd is a young, Cape Town based company, specialising in the development and marketing of a high-end range of specialty food and beverage products, the key ingredient of which is Aloe ferox.   The rapid growth of the global health and wellness trend has led to an increased demand for natural, functional foods – everyday products which offer additional health benefits such as increased fibre and reduced sugar while being low in fat and preservative free.

our goals

Our goal is to continue to develop specialty aloe products that are:

  • of the highest quality
  • natural
  • preservative free
  • unique and have health benefits
  • seriously delicious

our aloe ferox experience

Together, the directors have many years of experience in both food manufacturing as well as the aloe industry. Whilst some of the aloe products are manufactured at Totally Wild’s factory in Cape Town, others are contract-manufactured by other reputable, HACCP-accredited facilities, according to Totally Wild’s specific recipes and formulations.   It is Totally Wild’s mission to offer both its customers and partners the best service possible and in so doing, together building an awareness of the health benefits and healing capabilities of the Aloe ferox.   To find out more about our mission, please contact us.

Latest News

  • Benefits of Drinking Totally Wild Aloe & Fruit Juice Blends

    Over the past 15-20 years, consumers have come to realise that aloe is not only good for the skin, but it has similar beneficial properties when taken internally.  Here are some benefits of drinking Totally Wild Aloe & Fruit Juice Belnds:
  • We’re Hiring – Hospitality Sales Rep

    We Are Hiring Small
      We are looking for an experienced sales representative with hospitality knowledge, and the ability to sell products to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other hospitality outlets.   Great potential for growth within the company, particularly at this early stage of
  • Benzene, the silent killer!

    benzene-cancer-hazard-danger-sign-s-0031 Final3
    For the responsible, health-conscious consumer, here’s an important piece of information that bears serious consideration.   Many food and beverage products on the market contain a variety of preservatives which – on their own – are not necessarily dangerous, but
  • The Difference between Aloe Ferox and Aloe Vera

    Although there are basic similarities in the biological make-up of both aloe species, and both provide beneficial health properties, there are one or two fundamental differences.   The yellow/brown aloe bitter sap which contains aloin, an extremely strong laxative, plays